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Pre-orders and Poetry Treasures!

You can finally pre-order past volumes of The Millennial Instructor! Yay! Pre-orders will be available during June and July this summer (all copies will ship by August 1st before the new school year gets underway).

Pre-ordering will guarantee your copies AND as a bonus, you will receive a free digital PDF of this book I created below. This is a digital collection of selected poetry from The Juvenile Instructor, Circa 1866-1870 and the only word that comes to mind is, "precious." The poems are soooo sweet! They teach beautiful heartwarming principles about family, nature, fatherhood, motherhood, hard work, education, and more.

The digital PDF file is your gift if you pre-order BECAUSE I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU! This collection has more than 50 poems. You can read the poems off your phone or device or print the PDF to have a physical copy. I designed one poem per page so you can easily print a poem and stick it up on your fridge to read daily or to memorize with your family. I will email you the PDF after you make your purchase. Thanks so much for all of your support!

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