O "Bee" Wise

The first volume of The Millennial Instructor, O "Bee" Wise is now available! 

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In Volume One we have taken the symbol of the honeybee and used it to teach the heart, mind and spirit. With one little symbol we have covered church history, American history, science, geometry, art, music, scripture, cooking and more! 




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Below is a list of additional resources for you and your children to continue

seeking knowledge about honeybees.

*We are limited to 96 pages in the Millennial Instructor, so this section allows us to share additional information and links.

 Educating the Heart: 
Aesops Fable- The Bear and the Bees click here to watch
Story- The Bee Tree click here to watch
Emily Dickinsons Herbarium - pictures and story click here 
Just for fun! Classic Donald Duck - Bees and Bugs episodes Click here
 Educating the Mind: 
AMAZING! Watch a honeybee hatch before your eyes! Click here
A fun overview of honeybees- Click here 
Commercial production of honey- Click here
Bees collecting pollen (up close!) Click here
Bees pollinating flowers - explanation for young children Click here
Baking with Natural Yeast-  See recipe on page #66 - Health benefits and preparedness Click here
 Educating the Spirit: 
Conference talk- Elder M. Russell Ballard - Be Anxiously Engaged Click here
Church News: Lesson of the Bees Click here