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"Discover the power of principle-based education in the book, 'A Meeting with The Principle, An Education to Usher in the Millennium.' This inspiring little book has already touched the lives of thousands of readers since its publication in 2016 and we are happy to announce that it is back in print! You can also listen to this book for free here....

"A Meeting with the Principle" follows Ali Eisenach's unexpected journey into homeschooling her children along with her discoveries about education in the early days of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She also uncovers the teachings of her 3x great-grandfather who dedicated his life to educating children in Zion. You might just be surprised by what you learn! 

"When we started homeschooling I wondered if I'd made the right choice. Every time a lesson didn't go well or we had a hard day or my kids would fight me over handwriting I would question my decision. As I read A Meeting with the Principle my mind and heart were opened up to the importance of my work and I became fully converted. Here we are, in year 10, and I haven't looked back or regretted our decision since reading A Meeting with the Principle."

-Ruth Hansen

"I was introduced to Ali as a miracle the year before I put my first child into public school. I felt something that only a mother could feel. A stupor of thought about sending my child to a place besides my own home, for hours upon hours to be taught and influenced by someone and many that I hoped believed in God. Ali suggested me to ask God what He wanted for my (His) children. I went to the Lord with a deep concern for weeks as I could see that He was not welcomed into school any longer. I prayed and studied it out and prayed with my spouse. I met Addy Eisenach- and the other Eisenach children and they had a zeal for learning. Ali Eisenach was so optimistic about their future, and life missions and that all would work out for good with becoming lifelong learners. I had the strongest, deepest feelings of that of Mother Eve. “Was there no other way?”The Lord impressed upon my mind and heart the phrase that He needed “A More Excellent Way.” My answer was embedded in my heart so deeply that I took great faith to have now homeschooled my 6 children for over 10 years, which had been a gift to my own life and learning. As I read her book, “A Meeting with the Principle” it was as if she too had been inspired by the same spirit that came to my heart and mind and now I had something tangible to share with other mothers in that moment of questioning. I have gifted this book many times and I have seen mothers be able to have their eyes opened and hearts softened towards the idea of home education. They all have been eternally grateful for this step of great faith and the words of truth that gave their heart the courage to do something so different than the norm. Test it. Try it. Read it. You will never regret going to the Lord and spending your life in His work in a more excellent way for your family.It changes lives. It changed mine."


-Angela Adair

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