George Q. Cannon, Editor

Ali Cannon Eisenach, Editor

The Juvenile Instructor

The Millennial Instructor

Est. 1866

Est. 2016

Everyone has a story.


My story serendipitously brought me here . . . to the creation of Millennial Standard Press–

a publishing company to honor the vision and mission of my great-great-great grandfather, George Q. Cannon.


This dream is almost too big for a little somebody like me to dream . . . and yet looking back

over my life, the experiences, the people, the opportunities to learn, grow, dream and create

have come together like a beautiful piece of music.


The tune is familiar to my soul because members of my family (multiple generations back)

were singing the same song.


The time periods may be different, but the instruments we are drawn to are the same;

creative vision, writing, designing, storytelling, and using the power of the press to honor God.


George Q. Cannon paved the way when he created his publishing company, Cannon and Sons

in 1866 (which later became Deseret Book). His son Abraham H. Cannon (my great-great- grandfather) oversaw the printing of books and periodicals within the family business.


The heart of production at Cannon and Sons was a little periodical called The Juvenile Instructor. George Q. Cannon was the editor/dreamer of The Juvenile Instructor  for 35 years! His goal was to educate the youth of Zion, and he consecrated his time and talents to this noble cause until the end of his life.  He  boldly declared:

"Before Zion can achieve her true position, her sons and daughters

must be educated in the highest and best sense of the word–

Not the education of worldly wisdom, but the education which

has for its basis a true knowledge of God and of glorious principles

revealed by Him in these days.”


Cannon used The Juvenile Instructor to immerse his young readers in Church history, literature, science, art, grammar, the founding of America, cultures around the world, the lives of great people, language, poetry, art and music. Naturally, he approached EVERY subject from a worldview that included God.


150 years later . . .  I feel inspired to continue this dream, and carry on the Cannon family printing tradition with a publication called, The Millennial Instructor. 

The Millennial Instructor is a high quality publication, 96 pages, full color, with a 14 pt. high gloss front and back cover (so it is made to last!) It is filled with beautiful art, stories, poetry, charts, graphs, science, mathematics, literature, church history, and more! 

The Millennial Instructor is made possible thanks to a group of devoted men and women who are donating their time and talents to this worthy project. 

We are confident that your children will love The Millennial Instructor just as much as children loved The Juvenile Instructor  150 years ago! 



Ali Cannon Eisenach

The Juvenile Instructor- Circa 1866

The Millennial Instructor-TODAY!