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George Q. Cannon, Editor

Ali Cannon Eisenach, Editor

The Juvenile Instructor

The Millennial Instructor

Est. 1866

Est. 2016


Everyone has a story.


My story serendipitously brought me here . . . to the creation of Millennial Standard Press–a publishing company to honor the vision and mission of my great-great-great grandfather, George Q. Cannon.


This dream is almost too big for a little somebody like me to dream . . .

and yet looking back over my life, the experiences, the people, the opportunities to learn, grow, dream and create have come together like

a beautiful piece of music.


The tune is familiar to my soul because members of my family (multiple generations back) were playing the same tune. 


The time periods may be different, but the instruments are the same: writing, designing, storytelling, and using the power of the press to teach children and honor God.


George Q. Cannon paved the way when he created his publishing company, Cannon and Sons in 1866 (which later became Deseret Book). His son Abraham H. Cannon (my great-great- grandfather) oversaw the printing of books and periodicals within the family business.


The heart of production at Cannon and Sons was a little periodical called The Juvenile Instructor. George Q. Cannon was the editor/dreamer of The Juvenile Instructor for 30 years! He used The Juvenile Instructor to immerse his young readers in Church history, literature, science, art, grammar, world history, the lives of great people, language, poetry, art and music, etc. He approached EVERY subject from a worldview that included God and I hope to do the same with The Millennial Instructor.

In 2024 I will be re-introducing past volumes of The Millennial Instructor as well as working on some exciting new projects--including Volume IV, "The Mountain of the Lord" which will be dedicated to the Salt Lake Temple. Stay tuned for updates! Cheers!



Ali Cannon Eisenach

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